CSOs nationwide object to TTCL Coal-fire Power Plant

On 21 June 2017, thirty-three Karen civil society organizations (CSOs) and 114 other CSO’s throughout Myanmar signed a statement protesting TTCL’s plans for a coal fire power plan in Hpa-an and their public consultation process. Their statements point out problems with transparency, dangers of disrupting the peace process between Karen ethnic groups and the Myanmar Government, and inaccurate information about “clean coal technology.”

The English translation of the statement (original in Burmese) with a list of signatories can be downloaded here:  21 June 2017 Statement Release(PDF)
The Burmese original (PDF)
Japanese translation of English Translation(PDF)

The text in English is as below:

Statement Release
21st June 2017

In Karen State, TTCL Co.Ltd held public consultation meeting at Wut Gyi Village, Eu Dawn Village, and Hpa-an from 19th June 2017 to 21st June 2017 for over 1,200 MW Coal Fire Power Plant using USC technology. Regarding this matter, Karen State Civil Society Organizations, total of 33 CSOs, together with 114 CSOs Nationwide here by release the statement letter against the TTCL’s coal fire power plant and public consultation.

1) Public consultation for the coal power plant project require liberty and transparency; moreover, this project concerns everyone in Karen State and they should be aware of the TTCL Co.Ltd’s planning for the public consultation event, time, place prior to the consultation meeting. Additionally, presentation and distribution of information about coal power plant is in no way adequate as a meaningful, participatory public consultation.

2) To begin the coal power plant project, the project assessments were being conducted months ago after the MOU signatory between the State Government and TTCL Company. However, the assessments and project implementation activities were not given to the public in timely manner. Therefore, we see it as the violation of local ethnic people’s rights.

3) ERM Consultant Company is preparing EIA in accordance with the EIA guidelines imposed by Myanmar Government and IFC whose standards are not compatible and satisfactory for mega development projects.

4) Due to the project area fall between the territory under the administrative authority of between Karen National Union (KNU) and Myanmar Government, the project will hugely impair peace process during the peace building period.

5) TTCL Company lobbying about Clean Coal Technology having no impact on the environment with more than 100% certainty to the people of Wut Gyi Village during the public consultation meeting was clearly a crafty lobbying to the public.

6) In order to build a United Federal State, the new government should not implement mega development plans, especially for the lack of safe, secure, and strong policies and laws.

7) We are hereby strongly against with the State Government’s Energy Development choice of Coal Fire Power Plant that threatens the environmental and social security over more pragmatic, sustainable, self-reliant Energy Development such as Renewable Energy and Technology.

Contact Information…
(download PDF to see list of signatories)


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