[Seminar] Outdated Coal for a New Myanmar?! Coal is not our Future.

We Can’t Build our Future on Coal-Fired Power Plants
-A Message from Myanmar/Burma’s Villages to the People of Japan-

Nov 27, 2015 (Fri) 18:00-20:30
Organized by: Mekong Watch, JACSES, FOE Japan, Kiko Network
Location: Global Environmental Outreach Centre (Tokyo)
(1st Floor of UN University, between Shibuya and Omotesando)

Local people from communities in Myanmar/Burma where coal-fired power plants are being planned are coming to Japan. They want people in Japan to know that they do not want coal-fired power plants. Why are they coming here? Because in spite of the international movement away from coal, the communities are worried that the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) will support Japanese companies who want to construct such plants in several locations.

The people of Myanmar have made it clear with the recent elections that they want a new government–one that will listen to their voices. At this exciting time of opportunity to develop a political and economic system that has the long-term interests of its people at its foundation, we hope that the Japanese government and JBIC will set an example and listen, and listen very carefully.

The communities are raising their voices loud and clear. Last May, thousands protested plans to build a coal-fired power plant in Mon State (see 6,000 residents of Mon State say “No!”)

At this seminar, villagers from several locations will come to speak on how they feel about Japanese companies’ plans to build coal-fired power plants in their communities. Local activists will also accompany them and provide the most current information on the situation of energy and coal-fired energy in Myanmar. It will also be a good opportunity to examine Japan’s aid policy at this critical time.

Seminar Program (subject to change):
1) Japan’s involvement in coal-fired power plants abroad and in Myanmar (in Japanese)
2) Presentations by Burmese activists: “No Coal! Myanmar’s Energy Sector and the potential for local renewable energy production (in Burmese with Japanese interpretation. English translation can be provided if necessary.)
3) Testimonies/Messages from villagers of three project sites (Tanintharyi and Ayeyarwady Regions and Mon State).

To attend:
Register through FoE Japan (in Japanese)
Or just show up!

Inquiries: <info@mekongwatch.org> (in English OK)

holding no coal signs

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2 Responses to [Seminar] Outdated Coal for a New Myanmar?! Coal is not our Future.

  1. Lynn Thiesmeyer says:

    ティ-スマイヤ@ヤンゴンです。嬉しく思います。27日私のように一般の方は参加できるでしょうか。26日の朝には日本のへ戻りますし、27日に出席したいと思います。 ティ-スマイヤ ・リン

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