Deadline Extended for Investigation of JICA’s Compliance

An investigation of JICA’s compliance (or lack of) with its Guidelines for Environmental and Social Considerations in regard to the Thilawa Special Economic Zone project in Burma/Myanmar was scheduled to be completed by September 4th.  The 3 people who filed the official complaint leading to the investigation were given a notice on the 4th, informing them that the deadline for completion had been extended for 2 more months.  The body of the notice was as follows:

I write to inform you that the President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has decided to extend the procedure period, pursuant to Article 11(4) of the objection procedure based on the guildelines for environmental and social considerations.

We will continue to investigate for an etra two months to complete the processing of the objection regarding the Thilawa SEZ development projects.

For details of the Procedures, please visit:
or send us an inquiry.


We hope that this means a very thorough investigation is being conducted, that constructive recommendations to establish sustainable livelihoods for project affected people will result, and that both JICA and the Burmese/Myanmar government will show the political will to follow through and make sure that people affected by Phase 2 and other future development projects do not face the same problems.

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