The Thilawa SEZ and Resettlement: Hearing at Japan Senate Bldg ティラワ経済特区開発の立ち退き問題

Mekong Watch will report on the recent problems facing villagers relocated to make way for the Thilawa Special Economic Zone.

March 19, 2014 (Wed)
House of Councillors Building Rm 102

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Sixty-eight households (approx 300 people) were relocated during Phase 1 of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone being constructed in the suburbs of Yangon. Relocated before alternative means for livelihood were prepared, the residents are already facing many difficulties. Many remain unemployed and are already in debt, just a few months after being relocated.

Phase 1 of the Thilawa SEZ comprises 400ha of the entire 2,400ha area of the planned industrial park. Mitsubishi, Marubeni, and Sumitomo Corporations formed a joint venture to provide 49% of the capital for the project, and land preparations began in November last year. JICA is now considering investing in this project.

Affected villagers, including those who have already been relocated, have written letters to JICA requesting meetings to explain concerns and request that their conditions be improved to at least meet JICA’s Social and Environmental Guideline and international standards. JICA has insisted, however, that relocation is the responsibility of local authorities and have not responded to the villagers’ letters.

Mekong Watch will report of the current conditions faced by villagers relocated for this Thilawa SEZ project.



ビルマの最大都市ラングーン(ヤンゴン)近郊で約2,400ヘクタールを経済特区として開発する同事業のフェーズ1(400 ha)は、三菱商・住商・丸紅などの日本企業の関わるJVが、昨年11月から土地造成作業を始めています。JICAは、ODAの「海外投融資」制度で、このJVとともに出資を検討中です。



◆場所:参議院議員会館102 (永田町駅1番出口より徒歩2分)





◆協力:FoE Japan


電話: 03-3832-5034/ファックス: 03-3832-5039





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